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About Us

About Us

Our mission is to provide a safe, disciplined learning environment that empowers all students to develop their full potential. We feel strongly about helping to build leaders that have the ability to succeed in whatever endeavor they undertake.
Winning is not always the measure of success. Our students understand the "Win, win" philosophy and use it in their daily life. Common standards keeps us focused on learning appropriate content and preparing our students to graduate. Last but just as importantly, setting examples for our students of meaningful and lasting relationships will go with them throughout their lifetime.


Chairman’s Message


Our school mission is to develop Leadership, the common core. Education is the basis of all progress. Its a knowledge imbued with wisdom and ethics. Over a decade and a half of experience has taught us that progress is possible only, if men and women are equally educated.
The aim is to make them successful not only in life, but also conscious of their duties and responsibilities towards their fellow citizens.
OXFORD ENGLISH SCHOOLexemplify the fact that the sky is not the limit in the pursuit of excellence. We believe that our students need to learn that the secret of success and contentment lies in discovering one’s own strengths as well as limitations.
You would find a wealth of learning opportunities at OXFORD ENGLISH SCHOOL that would serve as an essential stone to a fulfilling life and career.

With Love and Care

Mr. G. Sundaramohan
Oxford English School

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Principal Message

Dear Students
Focus on whatever you wish to be. Start every day with a desire and strive to do better than the previous day. This will ensure your growth towards your goal.
All the best